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Google targets mobile-friendly websites

On April 21 2015, Google launched its mobile-friendly update, while this update has been named “Mobilegeddon” in the press, whats it all mean?
Well for those website owners that have sites that are not mobile friendly, your competitors who have mobile friendly websites are going to be laughing all the way to the bank.
You see, Google's desire is to improve the mobile user experience and there is nothing worse than using your mobile on a website that is not mobile-friendly, it's clunky and chunky and quite often leaves a user wondering where the hell they are on a page.
So for mobile searches (75.4% of Aussies use the internet on their mobile every day) Google has determined that if your website is not mobile friendly, your website will not show up in the top rankings, if at all, yes you got it you will be penalised for not having a mobile-friendly website.
Here are a few important items:

  1. Google is the ultimate arbiter of mobile-friendliness, and they are very clear about what is required in order to be considered mobile friendly. To see if your site or pages are up to snuff, they have a very easy testing tool that will tell you exactly what the issues are with any non-mobile friendly page.
  2. This algorithm update only impacts results shown to users on mobile phones.
  3. Google is only demoting mobile-unfriendly websites for non-branded queries. If a user searches for your brand on a mobile phone, you should still come up near the top of the results page even if you are deemed to not be mobile friendly.
  4. The mobile-friendly update is run on a page-by-page basis.
  5. The algorithm is a real-time dynamic update, which means that if you missed the cutoff date of April 21, you can still recover any lost traffic whenever your site or pages do become mobile-friendly.

Even if your non-mobile-friendly website does not see its traffic plummet this week, it does not mean that it won’t still drop later.

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Some of the text from this story comes directly from because they write so much nicer than I ever could.